4755 York Blvd Los Angeles CA 90042
April 7- April 28, 2007
Opening April 7th 6-10 pm

pictures from the opening

Bring something to grill.

Picnic Apparitions
A group exhibition featuring Los Angeles artists:

Jill Newman
Jodie Berry
Karl Erickson
Laurie Nye
Nicolau Vergueiro
Samara Caughey
Steven L. Anderson

Come and enjoy the bountiful offerings the artists will lay out for your

+ Jill Newman offers a sumptuous realization of romanticized beauty in and
among hidden monuments of forgotten vistas and fringe societies.

+ Jodie Berry provides a humid swamp of wistful longing, wild landscapes
and verdant patterns arranged to dazzle and disorient.

+ Karl Erickson brings over-ripe colors, magic frolicking and surging
waves of sound.

+ Laurie Nye serves up an overflowing tapestry of voyeuristic owl eyes,
lush mushroom gardens and colorful displays of minutiae fresh from the
steamy American South.

+ Nicolau Vergueiro doles out a sense of ticklish glamour, combining
opulent materials idiosyncratically, seemingly haphazardly but cohesively
to create magical, sculptural "tablescapes," which rarely ever sit upon a

+ Samara Caughey delights with visual refreshments through elegant and
deceivingly delicate displays of shapes and colors. Samara will also lead
an unexpected hunt for useful negative spaces, while entertaining riddles
and references of both ancient and modern history.

+ Steven L. Anderson shows up with his feverish political quandaries and
abundant energy displayed through brightly colored paintings of
metaphorical succulents and their resilient and interconnected roots.

About the artists:

+ Jill Newman has shown in Chicago and Los Angeles, with an upcoming July show at Taylor De Cordoba in Culver City.

+ Jodie Berry has been in numerous group shows in Los Angeles. Working in
oil and watercolor, she combines images from pop culture and memory to
create new glimmers of identity.

+ Karl Erickson is an artist and devoted student of over-saturation.
Recent exhibitions include *Street Signs and Solar Ovens* at the Craft and
Folk Art Museum, *Interstellar Low Ways* at the Hyde Park Art Center, and
*Paper Bombs* at Jack Hanley Gallery, Los Angeles.

+ Laurie Nye, originally from Tennessee, has shown in New York and Los
Angeles with a concurrent show at Karyn Lovegrove Gallery.

+ Nicolau Vergueiro is represented by David Kordansky Gallery in Los
Angeles and Galerie Nathalie Obadia in Paris and is currently working on a
float for the Aspen Art Museum.

+ Samara Caughey is represented by David Kordansky in Los Angeles and has had shows in New York, Minneapolis and San Francisco.

+ Steven L. Anderson is an artist and cultural organizer interested in the
power of nature and the nature of power. Recent exhibitions include
*Street Signs and Solar Ovens* at the Craft and Folk Art Museum, and *The
Fairy Ring Happening for Peace* in Los Angeles.